Colorful and Customizable: Plastic Show Jump Poles For Fun and Function

Precision and skill are combined with aesthetics in a wonderful harmony in the equestrian world. While the partnership of the rider with the horse takes center stage, equipment plays an essential role in both training and competition. Plastic horse-jump poles, especially those used for show jumping, are becoming increasingly popular among riders thanks to their flexibility, versatility, and functionality.

Plastic Show Jump Poles Have Evolved

Show jump poles are traditionally made from wood. To keep them in excellent condition, they require regular maintenance. The equestrian world has embraced plastic show jump poles as the technology and materials have improved.

  • Lightweight and Durable

Plastic show jumping poles are renowned for their durability. Made from high-quality, durable materials, these poles can handle the stress of training or competition. They are light and easy to use, even though they’re very robust.

  • Colorful

Plastic show jumping poles stand out for their colorful array. Plastic jump poles offer riders unique opportunities to bring their personality and creativity to their training.

  • Weather-Resistant

Plastic show-jump poles are much more resistant to weather conditions and moisture. These poles can be used outdoors, as they will not warp, rot, or degrade due to exposure to moisture and weather.

  • Versatile Design

Plastic show-jump poles are usually modular in design. Riders can adjust the height according to their requirements. This versatility makes these poles a good option for riders from beginners to professionals.

Customization: Putting Fun into Functional

Customization of show jump poles in plastic is a very attractive feature. The colorful poles are a great way to inject personality and fun into your training or competition.

  1. Color Coordination

Plastic horse jumps have a range of colors that allow riders to match them with their team or stable colors. Or even just their preferences. This adds an element of style to your riding experience.

  • Personalized Graphics

Some manufacturers provide the option to customize the graphics and logos of the jump poles. This is one of the best ways for riding schools, clubs, and individual riders to display their brand.

  • Theme Courses

Riders can create a visually exciting course for special events or themed contests by selecting show jump sticks in different colors. This is a great way to create an exciting and memorable experience for the rider and spectator.

  • Seasonal Celebrations

Plastic show jumping poles are perfect for decorating jumps to celebrate a particular event or holiday. Imagine creating a festive Christmas course using poles in red and white or a scary Halloween course with poles in black and orange.

  • Gradual Progress

Riders who are in training will benefit from the ability to raise or lower the heights of their plastic show poles. They can then progress more gradually toward higher and more difficult jumps. This will allow both horseback riders and horses to learn at their own comfortable pace.


The plastic show jump pole has revolutionized the equestrian sport by offering riders a fun-filled combination of performance and design. Durability, lightweight, and resistance to weather make these poles popular among riders of all levels. They are also available in various vibrant colors with customization options, allowing riders to incorporate their personality and creativity when training or competing.

Sports Mark offers many options to help you customize your show jump poles. Their commitment to customization, quality, and innovation allows riders a truly customized riding experience.

Riders and riding schools can use Plastic show jump poles to create memorable courses for events. This remarkable equestrian innovation will allow you to ride with confidence, style, and a splash color.

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