Malta Hotel Deals For Christmas: A Festive Getaway At Behotel Malta

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are eagerly anticipating the magic and warmth that Christmas brings. While traditional celebrations at home are cherished, there’s something enchanting about spending Christmas in a new destination. If you’re looking to add a dash of Mediterranean charm to your festive season, Malta is an excellent choice. To make your stay even more memorable, BeHotel offers fantastic Malta hotel deals for Christmas that promise a unique and delightful experience. In this article, we’ll explore why Malta is an ideal Christmas destination and delve into the enticing holiday offers available at BeHotel Malta.

Malta: A Christmas Wonderland

Malta, a picturesque archipelago nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, offers an unparalleled blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. Its mild climate, even in winter, makes it a sought-after destination for those looking to escape the cold and enjoy a unique Christmas experience.

1. Rich Cultural Traditions

Malta’s unique cultural heritage is deeply rooted in its history, with influences from various civilizations, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and Knights of St. John. This rich history is beautifully reflected in the island’s Christmas traditions. Stroll through the charming streets and towns to witness the elaborate nativity scenes, known locally as “presepju.” These intricate displays, often set in churches or public squares, are a testament to the Maltese people’s dedication to preserving their heritage.

2. Unique Festive Decorations

The Maltese take their Christmas decorations seriously. You’ll be captivated by the sight of festively adorned streets and squares, with colorful lights and decorations adorning houses and public spaces. Valletta, Malta’s capital city, is particularly enchanting during the holiday season, as its historic streets and buildings are beautifully illuminated.

3. Traditional Cuisine

Christmas in Malta wouldn’t be complete without indulging in traditional Maltese cuisine. Be sure to try some “Qagħaq tal-Għasel” (honey rings) and “Figolli” (almond-filled pastry) – two holiday treats that are absolutely delicious. Malta’s restaurants and eateries also offer special Christmas menus featuring a mix of Mediterranean and international flavors.

4. Celebratory Atmosphere

The Maltese people are known for their warmth and hospitality, and this spirit truly shines during the Christmas season. You’ll find an array of festive events, including carol concerts, Christmas markets, and religious processions. Attending Midnight Mass at one of Malta’s historic churches is a particularly moving experience.

BeHotel Malta: The Ideal Christmas Retreat

Now that we’ve highlighted why Malta is a captivating Christmas destination, let’s explore the exciting hotel deals that BeHotel Malta has to offer for the holiday season.

1. Unbeatable Location

BeHotel Malta boasts an unbeatable location in St. Julian’s, one of Malta’s most vibrant and sought-after areas. The hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Spinola Bay and the bustling promenade, ensuring that you’re never far from the action. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront or explore the nearby shops and restaurants, BeHotel Malta’s location is ideal for both relaxation and adventure.

2. Luxurious Accommodation

BeHotel Malta offers a range of luxurious accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a cozy room for a romantic getaway or spacious suites for a family vacation, BeHotel Malta has you covered. The rooms are elegantly decorated and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

3. Festive Dining

One of the highlights of Christmas at BeHotel Malta is the exquisite dining experience. The hotel’s restaurants offer a delightful selection of festive menus, featuring mouthwatering dishes prepared by talented chefs. Whether you prefer traditional Maltese flavors or international cuisine, you’ll find something to satisfy your palate.

4. Spa and Wellness

The holiday season can be hectic, and BeHotel Malta understands the importance of relaxation and self-care. Guests can unwind at the hotel’s spa and wellness center, where a range of rejuvenating treatments and therapies are available. This is the perfect way to pamper yourself and recharge during your Christmas getaway.

5. Special Christmas Events

BeHotel Malta goes the extra mile to make your Christmas stay truly magical. The hotel hosts special Christmas events and activities for guests, including festive dinners, live music, and themed parties. You’ll have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in style with fellow travelers and create lasting memories.

Christmas Packages at BeHotel Malta

To help you plan your Christmas getaway, BeHotel Malta offers a variety of Christmas packages designed to cater to different preferences and budgets. Here are some of the enticing options available:

1. Christmas Getaway Package

Ideal for couples and small families, this package includes a minimum three-night stay at BeHotel Malta. Guests can enjoy daily breakfast, a special Christmas Eve dinner, and access to the hotel’s spa and wellness facilities. This package allows you to experience the best of both relaxation and festive celebrations.

2. Family Christmas Package

Perfect for families looking for a memorable Christmas experience, this package offers a four-night stay in a spacious family room at BeHotel Malta. Along with daily breakfast and access to the spa and wellness center, families can indulge in a special Christmas Day brunch and enjoy fun-filled activities for children.

3. Ultimate Christmas Package

For those seeking a truly opulent Christmas celebration, the Ultimate Christmas Package at BeHotel Malta offers a luxurious five-night stay in a suite. Guests can relish daily breakfast, enjoy a festive Christmas Eve dinner, and partake in a special Christmas Day brunch. The package also includes a private spa treatment and access to exclusive Christmas events.

Booking Your Christmas Getaway

Booking your Christmas getaway at BeHotel Malta is easy and convenient. Simply visit the hotel’s official website at to explore the available packages and make your reservation. Be sure to book early to secure your preferred dates and take advantage of any early booking discounts or special offers.


Spending Christmas in Malta is a truly magical experience, and BeHotel Malta enhances this experience with its exceptional Christmas hotel deals. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a luxurious celebration, BeHotel Malta has a package to suit your needs. With its prime location, luxurious accommodations, festive dining options, and special Christmas events, BeHotel Malta promises to make your holiday season unforgettable. So, why not make this Christmas extra special by embarking on a Mediterranean getaway to Malta and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime?

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