Creating Your Own White-Label E-Liquid Brand

White labelling is altering the brand name of a manufactured product to make it your own. This is an alternative method of creating your items. Celtic Vapours Wholesale oversees the full white-label e-liquid production process, from flavour development to distribution.

We employ and train the finest personnel in the organisation to ensure high-quality production. We have made significant investments in automation to improve the efficiency of our production operations.

Strict quality control is applied to all items. Our quality assurance method assures that our Private Label Vape Products report test findings in a trustworthy, accurate, precise, and consistent manner. All of our goods are tested in-house to assure their safety and quality. Our e-liquids are TPD compliant. This ensures that all nicotine products satisfy the highest safety and quality requirements.

Process of White Labelling Your E-Liquids

Our white labelling procedure is intended to be as easy and frictionless as possible. White-label e-liquid containers come in three varieties. This implies that there is something for every business.

Complete White-Label Service

Our full white-label solution is the most comprehensive and complete combination of white-label services we provide. This solution enables you to benefit from our production capabilities from the start. This service has a three-week lead time. This service provides the following features:

Development And Research

Our skilled research and development team uses science and inventiveness to produce the greatest flavour combinations for your liquids. Our crew is free to try out novel flavour combinations and is not restricted in any way. Our formulations are TPD-compliant and subject to stringent quality control and assurance.

Design And Branding

Our design team will also collaborate with you and your organisation to create unique branding. We understand the significance of shelf appeal. It enables you to communicate a distinct identity and distinguish yourself from your competition.


Our speciality is e-liquid testing and production. Our knowledge has assisted us in the development of some of the most well-known e-liquid brands in the UK, including Solt, Miami Drippers, and Simple Essentials. The chemicals are blended to obtain a particular flavour, nicotine intensity, and VG/PG balance throughout the production process.

Labelling And Packaging

After making your items, we will label them with your unique logo. We will also package and dispatch your purchases.

Drop Shipping And Fulfilment

A big fulfilment centre is housed in the UK’s 12,000-square-foot production facility. We have invested in cutting-edge technology to reduce picking and delivery times and slash expenses for our clients. Drop shipment is also an option. We may dispatch your items to you or your clients from our warehouse. This eliminates the requirement for you to establish your own fulfilment house.

White Label Direct

Except for the logo and design, this service is identical to the comprehensive white-label service. This solution is suitable for people who already have a brand. This service takes around two weeks to complete.

White Label 48-Hour

This service is only available for manufacturing and shipping. With a 48-hour lead time, this service is straightforward, quick, and economical.

The Advantages Of White Labelling

White labelling items has several advantages over developing your product line.

You’re Brand

White-label items may be personalised with your company’s logo. This will help you to keep a consistent message and gain the confidence of your consumer base.

You Will Save Both Time And Money

White labelling may help you save a significant amount of time, energy, money, and resources. It is far easier to white-label a product than to replicate a current procedure at our plant.

Increase Client Loyalty

When buyers see your trademark on a white-label product, they will equate it with quality and ease. This will increase client loyalty.

Get Expert Help

Celtic Vapours Wholesale offers a team of professionals who work on each phase of the process. It’s nice to benefit from the effort rather than trying to replicate it.

Reduce The Amount Of Pressure

We must resolve any issues that emerge throughout the white-label procedure. This relieves your company of the pressure to perfect the production process.

Sell Refined Goods

Our goods and technology have been revised and beta-tested countless times. You may make use of a perfected product rather than starting from scratch.

E-Liquids – Celtic Vapours Wholesale

We are a leading supplier of e-liquid. We are proud of our capacity to supply manufacturing solutions to over 1000 organisations worldwide while adhering to high-quality control requirements and employing cutting-edge methods.

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