How Does The Noteit App Work With Streaks? Here’s an Easy Guide

This is the best way for you to stay in touch. You might think about Facebook or Instagram as Social Media Apps. However, we are not talking about those apps. Noteit app, which allows iPhone users to live chat with their friends and partners, is incredible. Streaks are an amazing feature within the Noteit app. Let’s find out How Streaks Work in the Noteit App.

How to Use NoteIt?

NoteIt can be used in the same way as other modern apps. Open the App Shop on your iPhone. Tap ‘Search’ at the top of the screen. Type “NoteIt,” then click the search button. Open the app and tap Sign up. Once it’s installed, create an Apple account by entering your email address and password. After your account is created, you will be prompted for the ‘link code’ to be shared with another NoteIt User. Tap Share>, select how you want the code to be sent, and share it with who you choose to use NoteIt. Alternatively, if you were invited to use NoteIt by someone, enter their code in the Already know your partner’s?’ section. Enter your code in the “Already have your Partner’s Code?” box and tap Link. After entering the code from your friend and clicking the ‘Link” button, the apps of both users will update to allow them to use it.

NoteIt can be used from this point. To send a brand new note, tap in the upper right corner to create the note you desire. There are many different drawing tools that you can choose from: a marker or highlighter, pencil or eraser, ruler, ruler, or lasso. When you are finished, click on the Save button. Once the note has been sent, it will appear in the mailbox. NoteIt states that it may take 15 minutes for new messages to appear. But they should be available almost immediately.

It is easy to add notes to your home screen. Touch and hold any iPhone widget or app, then tap Edit Home Screen. Scroll down the page to see a list of widgets. Click ‘NoteIt’ and choose the size you desire. Within seconds, your widget will be updated to display the most recently received note. That’s it. Start sending each other notes by downloading NoteIt app.

What Happens If Noteit Streak Broken?

You can lose all notes you have sent to your partner or close friends if there are streaks. Remember to respond to your partner’s or close friends’ messages within 24hrs if they sent them. This will increase the number of streaks. The same goes for the other members. Otherwise, your streak might end.

Your rose will not bloom if you break streaks using the Noteit application. Also, if your Noteit app streaks are maintained, your relationship with the Noteit App will grow.

What is Noteit Streak History?

Noteit app will delete your history if you break streaks. Also, you can see your streak history on the Noteit app. Click Streak history on the Streak menu. You can view your previous notes and see when you broke them.

How to Recover Noteit Streak?

These steps will help you recover the Noteit streak.

  • Go to the Rose screen and open the Noteit app.
  • Tap on Scroll history.
  • Tap on Retrieve streak.

Wrapping Up

This is how the Noteit app works with streaks. You can quickly increase your streaks among your friends and your closest friends. Send them the live messages right to your home screen. Tell your friends about this article by sharing it with them. Enjoy a great week!

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