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Legal Situations that Need DNA Paternity Test

The DNA parenting test is done to know whether an individual is the biological parent of the other person. Since decades legal paternity testing has been done in many ways whenever there is a doubt about the parent of the child.

Usually, it is done to know the biological father of the child to solve many legal issues. The legal DNA test is usually done to know the biological parents of a child as stated by the court authorities. Usually, it is done to identify the child’s biological father in many cases. Now, it is mostly done to complete many legal formalities as well. The testing is done in authorized laboratories of the state.  

In many countries, the legal paternity test is accepted as normal procedure to seek out whether the parents are really biologically related to their child. It is quite mandatory to conduct the procedure as it acts as a legal proof for many wrong happenings that is stated under criminal law offence. There are many other reasons for doing paternity tests as well.

Know more reasons why a DNA paternity test is availed for legal formalities:

  • When a father has doubts that his wife has extra martial affair and feels their child may not be biologically related to him.  To clear his doubts, he can anytime file legal complaint and get the DNA paternity test. It is useful to clear the doubts before providing his name in the child’s birth certificate.
  • When the father is denying doing his duties objecting on the grounds that he isn’t the biological father of the child/children.  While in most of the complicated cases when the father defers to provide child support, the court needs to take such legal actions.  The test helps to prove that he is certified as the biological father thus he needs to abide by law and provide the required financial support to his child/children.
  • While there is inheritance involved and there is a need to know whether the person is legal heir or not.

In simple words, when there is dispute involved in matters of inheritance there are great issues among the family members. Often the disputes involved between half brother and sisters ultimately lead to having the DNA paternity test for court to check whether they have rights to file case against their siblings.

There are chances of any person as legal heir mentioned in the will of the deceased person is unknown to others in the family. Thus, the legal paternity testing aids the court in settling the matter by considering the division of assets and other legal formalities to be completed without any dispute.

Often people need to prove the individuals are their biological parents in health care arena. Some health issues can be only treated by family members having same DNA or have same genes. Hence, court DNA test is the best aid to process the legal formalities to do the required treatment without wasting time. It saves time and money as well. While to gain the right information log on to,

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