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Right Foyer Chandelier For You

GeneralRight Foyer Chandelier For You

Foyers are the space that creates an impression on the minds of every pair of eyes that passes through them about the house that they are about to enter. The house owners will make sure that they design and decorate the foyer in such a way that the impression will be the best one.

When you have decided that you are going to choose a lighting option for your foyer, you should look at the right destinations to find the ideal one. Sofary is one such destination. This is the place where you can find hundreds of options when it comes to deciding on a chandelier for your foyer. Check through their foyer chandelier guide to learn more about the available options.

Finding a Chandelier for the Foyer 

Many factors should be considered while choosing a chandelier for the foyer area. Here are some for you.

  • The foyer means this space will have some chairs and a table, or another such furniture set. The lighting option that you choose should successfully highlight these factors in the foyer.
  • Sometimes, the foyer area will be designed with some things that have mirrors, glass, artwork, and so on. Look for chandeliers that can successfully highlight all these factors.
  • Lighting that compliments both the indoor and outdoor theme is the best choice. The glow that is illuminated by the chandeliers should be such that it reflects everything beautiful in the foyer.

A chandelier that fits the available space in the foyer is the best option for you. Not all foyers have enough space for the installation of the lighting system of your choice. Hence, you should first consider the available vertical space into consideration as the choice that you make should be the perfect one for the space.

The length between the foyer and the floor, the width between the furniture arrangements, and also the illumination from the lighting system altogether will help you find the best choice in the world of chandeliers. The pendant chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, and handling chandeliers are quite famous as the foyer chandeliers.

The modern, sleek, and also minimalist fixtures have become quite famous in the world of foyer chandeliers. These lighting systems are installed with polished nickel, chrome, and other such metallic finishes to make them look more elegant when installed. They are the options that show the blend between glamor and tradition and can guarantee a wonderful elegance to the place where they are installed.

Size Guide 

Chandeliers can be purchased by keeping many things in mind. Here are some tips on understanding how to measure the available space for chandelier installation.

The overall height of the foyer ceiling from the floor when multiplied by the number 2.5, when converted to inches, should be the length of your chandelier. The lowest tip of the chandelier and the ceiling distance should be about 7.5 feet. If it is about the tabletop chandeliers, then the distance from the tip of the chandelier to that of the table should be not more or less than 30 to 36 inches.

Follow all the tips to find the best chandelier for your foyer.

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