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Top 4 Points to Keep in Mind While Buying a Chandelier for Dining Area

GeneralTop 4 Points to Keep in Mind While Buying a Chandelier for Dining Area

There is no doubt about the fact that lighting can increase or decrease the charm of any room. This is the reason why designers often call lighting the jewelry of the home. However, compared to other lighting fixtures, a beautiful chandelier can add more glamour and sparkle to rooms like dining area.

If you are looking for an aesthetically appealing and functional rectangle chandelier light for your dining room, do check out the Rectangular Gold Frame Crystal Chandelier of Sofary. It is a stunning light fixture, and the design is flawless. Also, don’t forget, the company offers free shipping throughout the US.

When it comes to picking the right type of chandelier for your dining room, there are many points that you must keep in mind. Top 4 of these points are:

1. Pick the right style

Gone are the days when chandeliers were available in just one or two common designs. Nowadays, you can find chandeliers in many different styles like – traditional, modern, transitional, etc. Keeping the concept of your interior design in mind, you can select a suitable design. Of course, you can always mix and match if that is what you want, but usually, it is best to follow the mood of the room.

2. Give due importance to functionality

Irrespective of what type of chandelier design you select, you want one thing – good lighting on the dining table. So, ensure whatever design you pick, sufficiently brightens up your dining table. Unusually, there are two basic light concepts to consider – uplight and downlight.

A chandelier with uplight will emit limited glare and the light will be diffused. This will give a pleasant look, but the dining table will remain dark. If you have other light fixtures that can brighten the dining table, you can pick an uplight chandelier for its beauty. On the other hand, chandeliers with downlights brighten up the table enough and there will be no need for any other lighting fixture.

3. Select the right shape

It is best if you select the shape of the chandelier depending on the shape of your dining table. In simple words, a round chandelier for a round table. Whereas, a rectangular chandelier for a square or rectangle dining table. Again, you can always mix and match considering the overall design of the room.

Some people even prefer installing an oversized chandelier for a more dramatic effect, but it is best to follow the simple size guidelines. These guidelines are:

  • Buy a round chandelier that is one-half and three-quarters of the table width.
  • Buy a rectangular chandelier that covers one-fourth and one-half of the width as well as one-third and two-thirds of the length.  

4. Get the bulbs right

You must be thinking don’t chandeliers come with bulbs? Well, yes they do, but you can change them as per your requirement. For instance, for most interiors, 2700k warm white LED bulbs are sufficient. Then again, if you have cool colors in your room like whites, greys, blues, etc. consider using 3000k.

Well, there you go. Keep in mind these points and surely you will pick the most elegant and functional chandelier for your dining area.  

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