Chandeliers In Unexpected Places – A List of Areas Where You Can Install them

Gone are the times when chandelier installation was meant only for the living areas, meeting rooms, offices, and so on. Nowadays, chandeliers have become an important part of installations in many rooms and they have become the best choice for the lighting system in unexpected places. 

Sofary is your one-stop destination for finding the top-quality chandeliers of all kinds. You can choose the chandelier of your choice based on the places where they are installed. This website can get you all the information on where to install which chandelier. Visit this one and learn more about the chandeliers for unexpected places. 

Unexpected Places for Chandelier Installations 

Here are some of the places that are not expected to offer the right area for chandelier installations. 

  • Office at Home 

Office at home was once considered the place that you can have at home. However, the growing demand for the working option at home has made this area a must-have place in your home. Such areas require the best type of lighting and chandeliers are the best option in such cases. 

  • Kitchen 

Adding chandeliers to the kitchen lighting system will not only enhance the beauty of the place but will also make the space look more beautiful. The crystal or sparkle chandeliers are ideal for lighting up the kitchen area. 

  • Bedside 

The master suite where you sleep is more than just a bedroom. This space requires the best lighting system, especially in the bedside regions. Adding the right kind of chandeliers is the right way of enhancing the beauty of this place. 

  • Bathroom 

Chandelier lighting up the bathroom area is like creating a glamorous ambiance while having a bath. Install the chandeliers in places where there are no chances of water sprouting on them, or where there is no chance of dampness accumulation. 

  • Dining Table 

The dining tables that can accommodate more than 10 to 12 people require the best lighting system for lighting up the whole area. chandeliers are the ideal option in such cases. You can install chandeliers above the dining tables that can accommodate 4 to 6 people too. 

  • Large and Small Closets

Some houses will have closets in separate areas. Such closets require an additional lighting system to easily access the clothing, toys, winter wears, and games any time of the day or night. Chandeliers are the best choice to light up these areas. 

  • Porch Areas 

Apart from the lighting in the outdoor landscape areas and on the walls, extra lighting is needed to brighten the porch areas. This is when the chandeliers are of great help. You can find the right options in chandeliers that can blend perfectly with the outdoor area. 

  • Dressing Area 

Dressing up requires as much lighting as possible to get a perfect look. Apart from all the wall lighting systems, chandeliers above the mirrors will be an added benefit. Double crystal chandeliers are ideal for such places because they are elegant to look at and can lit the area accordingly.

Some chandeliers are designed in such a way that they can easily blend into any available space. You can find such options while planning to install one for the reading nook or any other such spaces in your home. 

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