What Is Included With A Paraplanning Service?

Paraplanning Services is an emerging profession in the world of Financial Services. It has only been recognized as such over the past two decades.

Paraplanners use their technical skills and expertise to prepare reports for financial planners and advisers. They do much more than prepare Suitability Reports.

How Can Our Paraplanners Help You?

We are familiar with our clients. We can assist academy partners, large partner practices, individuals working alone, and even paraplanners who need additional support during busy times.

All clients need to sign up for our service and pay the fees case-by-case basis. There are no minimum numbers that must be sent.

What Is The Benefit Of Outsourced Paraplanning?

Outsource paraplanning services is a popular option for many businesses. It can be cost-effective and flexible and allow them to accept cases they may not otherwise have the opportunity to.

PJM Paraplanning paraplanners are experienced and qualified and have built a reputation for being experts in complex cases.

With our team available to assist with multiple cases at once, the partners and advisers can focus on their clients and allow them to grow their company, knowing they can scale up and continue supporting their recommendations.

The ability to pick up the telephone and get the expert opinion of their paraplanner on a case is priceless. These relationships are what have kept our clients returning to our Paraplanning services over and again.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Your Paraplanning?

1. If your outsourcer uses paraplanners from various backgrounds and qualifications, you will be able to access a broader range of experience.

2. There is no need to commit for a long time. Staffing can be more flexible than having staff. A few interviews and a copy of your CV are enough to help you decide on the long-term.

3. Reduce recruitment costs.

4. Industry experts note that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for staff to be hired. Outsourcing, even temporarily, can be an easy way to solve this problem.

5. Flexible. There is no obligation to hire a full-time staff member if the work volume is low.

6. Do you have too much work? Outsourced paraplanners can help you handle the extra work as it arises. This will ensure that your clients are not disappointed.

7. Reduce overheads: No desk space, no telephone line, holiday or National Insurance pay, pension contributions, or National Insurance.

8. Working with a team rather than with an employee can help reduce the likelihood of unexpected absences or ill health that may cause work to be stopped.

9. You are taking time off? So that your work doesn’t stall while you’re out, ask your paraplanner.

10. Unsatisfied with your arrangement? It is possible to modify the arrangement if you have problems with your provider. Although we all desire to build long-term relationships, it is crucial to allow for some flexibility.

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