How To Measure Your Gas Struts?

It is crucial that you have the correct lift supports for your vehicle for your lift gates, trunks, and hoods to function properly. You can measure gas struts Australia to ensure you get the correct part for your vehicle.

SelectLok wants to ensure you get the correct parts. There are many things you need to remember when learning how to measure gas shocks and struts.

Measure The Extended Length

If a bracket is used, the extended length is the length of your support fully extended from the center of the Ball Socket or Eyelet. Refer to the image below marked with “A” for the exact measurement of your gas struts.

Measure The Retracted Width

Also, measure the length of the support when it is fully collapsed, measured from the eyelet or ball socket, or Rivet if you have a bracket. Sometimes, it may not be possible to remove the support. We recommend measuring the body of the unit (not the shaft) from the end where the support has the Ball Socket or Eyelet to the area where the shaft begins.

Understanding The Ending Types

It is important to know that there are many types of lift supports. Here are some of the most common.

A 10mm is the most popular size. However, 8mm and 13mm are also available. Some 16mm ball-studs can also be used. Eyelets are available in many sizes and should be measured across the ends.

The metal types are best for applications that require a stronger end. For heavy lifting over 150 lbs, we strongly recommend the 13mm type.

Stroke Length

Measure stroke length is the last step to measuring gas shocks and struts. The stroke length refers to the travel distance the piston can travel. Measure the shaft length of your existing unit to determine stroke length.

This measurement is often forgotten. If it is too small, the device will not be able to close properly. If you’re not sure or don’t have an exact measurement, you can use a rubber band to place it on the shaft. Close the device and measure how far the rubber band has moved.

Below are some of the most common conversions, in case you don’t have a metric measurement device.

  • 8mm = 5/16″ = .32″
  • 10mm = 3/8″ = .39″
  • 13mm = 1/2″ = .50″

Smartphone apps can also convert metric units for you.

We can help you measure your gas struts if you’re new to the process. We can make many configurations. Contact us if you don’t see the lift support that you require on our size selection charts. We will be happy to provide you with a quote on your requirements for measuring gas struts.

We cannot provide advice or design services for special projects. We have worked with individuals and had great success. It may take some trial and error but we want to work with you and help with your needs.

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