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Face Shape Guide For Glasses

GeneralFace Shape Guide For Glasses

You are looking for the right glasses for you? You can find the perfect pair of classic women’s eyeglasses for your face shape. Here’s how to find the right frame for you based on your face shape.

What Is The Shape Of Your Face?

Did you realize that most people have to change their eyeglasses about every 3 years? Make sure to get the perfect shape when buying new handmade glasses. Knowing which glasses will best suit your face is key to bringing out your facial features. There are many options.

Due to the high retail prices, many people do not change their eyeglasses as often as they should. Lens manufacturers offer products that sometimes exceed the thousand-dollar mark. No wonder people try to get as much wear out of each pair of glasses as they can!

You must first identify your facial features to make a decision. There are five major categories of face shapes.

  • Square
  • Round
  • Heart
  • Triangular
  • Oval

Keep reading to learn more about your facial structure. Your own style rules can help you express your personality and spirit in a fun and creative way.

For help in choosing the right frame for you, we have some tips to help you look your best!

All Kinds Of Shapes

This is the truth about face shapes. Nearly everyone can be a perfect circle, square, heart, or another narrowly defined type. Most people’s faces have a combination of many shapes. These include rounded chins, tall foreheads, angular and tapered jaws.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to pick one stock image from the entire collection. It doesn’t matter if your chin looks a bit more pointed than the “typical” oval or your forehead is a bit wider than a “usual” inverted triangular. What you want is the shape that appears most like yours. These are not rigid rules, but guidelines that can help you balance your features.

Once you recognize your face shape, it is possible to find the right frame for you. This guide will help you to identify which style of glasses you should be looking at online and in stores.

Frames that are proportional in size to your face will be best. Oval and circular frames will soften any sharp angles on a square face and create balance. 

Sunglasses To Square Face Shape

You should choose curved sunglasses that have wider frames if your face is square. This will allow you to balance your cheekbones while softening sharp angles. You can also try eye shades to make a bold statement.

Fitting Tips

The best way to find glasses for round faces is to pick frames that can add angles. They look fantastic in bold, angular glasses with clear lines.

These are some suggestions to help you when searching.

Rectangular Frame: Break up the facial structure. This can give your face a longer and slimmer appearance.

Angular Or Geometric Frames: To create balance, add sharper lines to your faces.

Upswept Frames, Such As Cat-Eye Or D-Frame. Try to focus attention on your eyes if you have large-bodied, curvy-looking cheeks.

Glasses For Heart Face Shape

This is usually considered the most versatile shape of all face shapes. They look fantastic in frame with winged edges that extend slightly beyond their foreheads. Also, they have rounded bases that balance out and complement their features.

For those with narrower chins, it may be a good idea to give your frame a little more width.

Frame And Temples With Low-Set: If the width of your forehead is important to you, this style will highlight the lower part of your head.

Oval Frames: If your chin is pointed, choosing an oval shape frame will draw attention upward towards your eyes.

Rimless Or Light-Colored Frames: Reduce the appearance of glasses on a heart-shaped face with a style that isn’t too obvious.

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