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3D Product Configurators- Everything You Need to Know

General3D Product Configurators- Everything You Need to Know

A 3D product configurator is an interactive platform that allows potential consumers to inspect your items in 3D, change colors, textures, components, and more.

1. Advantages for your clients

Your consumers’ experience is enhanced by using an online 3D product configurator. It provides all of the advantages of 3D: clients can interact with a product in real-time, investigate it from every angle, move it around, and zoom in and out.

This allows potential customers to see a product in great detail, comprehend how a complicated product works, or investigate how something is manufactured from the inside out.

Potential buyers can also personalize a product to their wants and specifications because it’s the ideal instrument for providing customization in an interactive and real-time manner.

3D configurators also assist users in making better and faster decisions. It’s a fundamentally different approach that prioritizes consumer interaction. Rather than supporting a particular style, color, or design, you let your clients choose their own. If you enable an augmented (AR) or virtual reality (VR) perspective of your products, the experience can go even farther.

2. Benefits to your business

Conversion rates increase with 3D configurators.

By improving the lead quality

3d configurator boosts the quality of leads, which is a huge benefit we’ve seen with all of our clients. During the configuration process, prospects learn how the product works and its individual properties in a fun way with a 3D configurator.

Many consumers have spent 30-40 minutes or more exploring multiple variations of specific products using a 3D configurator.

By shortening the sales cycle

As a result, a 3D product configurator can reshape your sales process: salespeople can connect with informed prospects instead of having to answer basic product questions.

You may also add the ability to generate a PDF of a configured product that a prospect can submit directly to a salesperson to your configurator. For complex items, this tool is really handy. The sales staff will receive a PDF copy of the configuration and will only need to finish the order that was generated by the 3D configurator. They have a good understanding of what the customer wants, which makes the sales process, go more smoothly.

In general, a 3D product configurator relieves stress on your sales team and can save you a lot of time.

By boosting sales

Clients that have deployed a 3D configurator have noticed a considerable rise in sales.

The Simplio3D platform elevates ecommerce by providing customers with an interactive and immersive product experience.

With Simplio3D features (dynamic animations, annotations, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality) combined with some simple additions built on top of our powerful Viewer API, you can easily build a robust configurator to boost sales. Customers can quickly make informed decisions based on real-time price display, strong call to action, direct contact with a sales rep, and more.

Stocks should be reduced.

Some businesses have expanded their product lines in response to the increased demand for personalization and customization, resulting in significant increases in production, shipping, and storage expenses.

You may reply directly to specific product requests as they are described by clients using a simple 3D configurator, avoiding the manufacturing of unsold stock. You don’t have to predict trends ahead of time, and there’s no assurance that a new style will be popular!

Product returns should be minimized.

A 3D configurator, as previously said, allows you to explore a physical object from all angles and with any customization. Customers may also receive a real sense of product materials including wood, metal, leather, and plastic.

Customers’ confidence increases and cart abandonment decreases when they can see exactly what they’re buying. Furthermore, shoppers can virtually “test out” a product via AR or VR.

A 3D configurator is far more helpful than static imagery in terms of understanding how a product operates, the quality of materials, and fit and finish, and clients have noticed a considerable reduction in return rate.

3D configurators assist in the communication and explanation of your products.

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