What to Look For in an Early Education Centre

Early education centres are an excellent way to give young kids a great start in their lives. But it is also crucial that you and your child choose the right centre.

It is not possible for early learning centers to be exactly the same. In this article, we will pose some questions to you to make sure you know what you should look for before making your decision.

Does Centre have a School Readiness Programme?

Helping children prepare for school is one the most important tasks an early learning facility can do. You should choose a centre with a school readiness programme.

This program helps children learn the basics of education. In addition to this, a school readiness program will also help with personal development and confidence. The smoother the transition between school and home for children who are more prepared will be.

What do children learn about nutrition from their parents?

A good early learning centre will be able to teach your children about nutrition and healthy eating. Children learn more about nutrition in a group setting with guidance from experienced teachers and helpers. They are also more likely to take an interest in healthy eating and become more positive about it.

The early education centre should have a nutrition focus and serve healthy meals to their children.

Are the Centre’s Hours Convenient for You?

You should ensure that your child/children are enrolled in a place that is open during the hours you have available. Do you need your child to be at the center while you work?

Some early learning centers open very early and close at the end of the day. It depends on the center, so verify their operating hours before enrolling.

Do children and staff feel happy?

Once you’ve chosen a centre, it’s a good idea that you actually go to the centre and speak with the staff. You can also peruse their curriculum. Don’t rush to leave. Spend some time observing and seeing how the kids interact and engage with their carers. It is important to observe if they seem happy and positive.

You want to ensure that your child is in a safe environment. Negative or stressful feelings are not what you want.

Are You Creating a Safe, Secure Environment?

When it comes time to leave children in an educational facility, safety is paramount. Visit the centre in person to determine if it is safe and secure. This includes the facility itself, grounds, activities, staff, and personnel.

Speak with staff to learn how they make sure that the children have a safe, secure environment.

Are children having fun?

Learning and education are key priorities in an early learning facility. But, it’s important that kids have fun. Children will not learn if they’re bored.

If you visit different centres, pay attention to whether or not the children seem engaged and having fun.

Young children have a tendency to see fun as the most important thing. So you will want to ensure that your child has a great time at our centre.

Find An Early Learning Centre

Go online and search for the area you are interested in to locate early learning centers. You might try these search terms if you live in Concord, NSW.

  • Preschool Concord
  • Concord early education centre
  • Concord’s Early Learning Centre
  • And so on…


The best education facilities for children are the ones that start them off in life early. However, it is crucial to make the right choice when choosing the centre. These tips will help you to choose the best centre for both you and your child.