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Things You Should Consider When Buying Door Hardware

GeneralThings You Should Consider When Buying Door Hardware

It is easy to buy a new knob for your door. You can then go to the store or search online for more options. You might bring something home and find it isn’t quite right. We are here to assure you that you don’t need to be overwhelmed. This checklist will help you decide what door hardware to buy from access-hardware.com. You’ll soon be deciding on the next DIY project.

Choose Your Style

Although you might not think about door hardware style very often, you will notice when it is scratched or dented, does not match the rest of your house, or is just plain ugly. Do not let anyone fool you into believing that a doorknob is just a knob. You should choose hardware that suits your taste and your architectural style, which could be modern and sleek or traditional and ornate, or something in-between.

Consider the pros and cons of doorknobs and levers, as well as how they will fit into your life. Are you able to get out of your house with your pet’s sneakiness? A doorknob is a better choice than a lever unless it’s a service pet. Perhaps you prefer a lever to a knob because it is easier to hold with arthritis-prone hands.

Choose A Fine… Or Four

The finish of your door hardware will reflect your style. The most important consideration is whether all fixtures in your home should match. This is not limited to Bright Chrome levers. Consider light fixtures, faucets, and other plumbing items, as well as cabinet pulls, and furniture with metallic accents. Focusing on one finish might appeal to minimalists, Scandinavian, and more traditional interior designers.

You can also mix metal finishes, especially as maximalism is becoming more popular. You can easily go too crazy with the number of metal finishes you use. Keep it to four or less, and find matching elements to avoid looking chaotic. Choose complimentary contrasts when mixing and matching. This guide to mixing metal finishes will help you make the right choice.

Count How Many Doors You Have

It might surprise you how many doors your house has. It’s not a good idea to come home and discover that you have a shortage of one. You don’t have to replace every doorknob or lever. However, it can help maintain a consistent look throughout your house. It can help keep your hallways from looking cluttered if you have two different styles of doorknobs: one in bright brass and one in satin nickel.

Don’t forget to count closets, basement entryways, laundry rooms, and other spaces that you may not use daily when counting your doors. You might be able to walk through your house and count the doors.

Choose The Functions You Need

Once you have determined how many knobs and levers are needed, you can decide which functions you would like. There are three main options for interior door hardware: Inactive, Hall & Closet, and Bed & Bath.

Bed & Bath Privacy: For rooms that require extra privacy, you can choose from the Bed & Bath hardware. The push-button lock locks the door from within the room while the knob or lever unlocks it from the inside. Bed & Bath door hardware works best in bathrooms and bedrooms, but they are also popular for home offices.

Hall & Closet Passage: For doors that do not require privacy, choose Hall & Closet hardware. Although the latch helps keep the door shut, there is no locking mechanism. Hall & Closet levers and knobs work well in any closet – entryway, bedroom, pantry – and even children’s bedrooms if they don’t need to lock themselves in.

Inactive:  Also known as Dummy or Non-turning, inactive knobs/levers are primarily decorative. They are most commonly used to replace the latching mechanism on French doors or other doors that don’t require them to function.

Access-hardware.com door hardware is available in all of these functions. This means that no matter what style or finish you choose, it will still fit your needs.

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