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Nomination Jewellery is known for its gracefully unique design and impressive Italian craftsmanship. Founded in Italy in the 1980’s, the original Nomination bracelet was created to be uniquely composable to each and every individual. Made from stainless steel with a spring mechanism, each bracelet can be changed and designed to please each and every person, making it the perfect addition to everyone’s jewellery box.

Paolo Gensini has experience as a goldsmith and a metal worker and this led to him revolutionising his life and the jewellery industry with the creation of the Nomination bracelets and other Nomination jewellery items. His success was found by his innovation modular jewellery for men and women that could be personalised.

The materials used to create Nomination jewellery is crafted using artisan techniques with only the highest quality of materials, with Nomination printing their name on every piece of jewellery to authenticate its originality and origin or production. The choice of materials used by Nomination to create their one of a kind composable bracelets can vary from; Stainless Steel, Brass, Leather, Enamel, Gold, Gemstones, Rose Gold and Sterling Silver. The primary material used to create the composable Nomination bracelet is Stainless Steel; its strong and resistant nature not to tarnish makes it the ideal base for a bracelet that is to be worn on a daily basis.

With plenty of collections to choose from it’ll be easy to find the right piece of Nomination jewellery for you or your loved ones. There are a variety of jewellery options for men by Nomination; there is plenty of variation to help you express your own individual style with Nomination jewellery. Collections including, key chains, bracelets, necklaces, watches and other accessories such as cuff links and more. Nomination has the perfect jewellery to purchase for yourself or to gift for the man in your life.

Everyone knows that a piece of jewellery is a style game changer, putting a whole outfit together by the simple addition of some jewellery. Designed with timeless elegance in mind, Nomination jewellery for him completes his look by showcasing his masculinity and bold identity, all piece are created with high quality materials. Nomination has the perfect piece of jewellery to suit his needs, their simple style and elegance can complete everyone’s look.

The majority of men’s jewellery from Nomination is made with Stainless steel and either leather or silicone, the creation of every piece of Nomination jewellery is done to the very highest of standards with their own trademark guaranteeing the authenticity of the item and the materials used to create each individual piece of jewellery. Why not treat yourself or a loved one to a bold and stylish piece of Nomination jewellery today.

You can find all Nomination jewellery on our website or in selected stores, see our website to find out where you can view our collection of Nomination jewellery. To shop the latest collections from Nomination charms, visit one of our selected stores stocking their beautiful range or visit either The Jewel Hut or T. H. Baker and treat yourself or a loved one to a stunning handcrafted piece of Nomination jewellery today. Your ideal piece of jewellery is just a moment away.

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