Keratin Hair Treatments: What To Do, How To Care And What Are The Advantages?

Keratin treatment for hair is popular to solve frizzy, unmanageable locks. While a Keratin Hair Treatment may make hair silkier and more manageable it’s best to know what to expect before making the big decision. You can read on to learn more about keratin hair care.

What Is Keratin Hair Therapy?

A keratin procedure is simply a chemical process where salon professionals apply keratin to the hair strands to make them shine. While there are several types of hair-care treatments, the basic ones involve reaching into the hair to inject the keratin in the affected areas. This makes the hair healthier.

Notably, keratin can’t control frizz. That job is left to the formaldehyde. The chemical works by locking a chain of keratin to form a straight line. Hair is left straight. After applying the product to the hair, be sure not to touch the scalp. The hair can then be flat-ironed and dried.

Keratin hair treatments can be used for up to six months. Professionals may customize blends to match your hair type and needs. Depending on your hair type, length, texture, and the formulation used, the treatment may take from 2 to 4 hours.

What Types Of Keratin Hair Treatments Are There?

Many versions of keratin treatment Sydney are available. Some contain more formaldehyde, while others have less. Formaldehyde is a potential carcinogen and a concern. It is best to choose formaldehyde-free treatments, even though there is a very small amount of formaldehyde that is released during keratin treatments.

Modern keratin treatment methods use glyoxylic Acid instead of formaldehyde. While it is the safer option for hair treatments, formaldehyde-free keratin therapies don’t offer long-lasting effects and aren’t as effective.

Certain keratin treatments make you straight and others just eliminate frizz. Discuss your styling preferences with your stylist to determine the best treatment for you. These keratin types are available:


Cezanne is a great choice for fine hair. It not only reduces frizz but also helps to nourish the hair. Cezanne is not recommended for blonde hair. This can make it look unnatural with the color of your hair. It is possible to follow up the Cezanne treatment with hair color appointments.

Keratin Express

This is a very short treatment. It involves applying keratin to hair in serum form. Finally, it’s sealed with a blow dryer and flat iron. It’s ideal for women with curly hair.

What Can You Do To Care For Your Hair After Keratin Hair Treatments?

To prolong the effectiveness of your keratin treatment, please follow these steps:

Hair can be damaged by moisture or water, which can lead to hair strands losing some treatment. This can cause hair to become porous and frizzy, as well as leave behind marks. For at least three days, you should not wash your hair after this treatment. You also shouldn’t swim or engage in any intense physical activity as you don’t want your hair to sweat.

Keep your hair straight or combed for at least the first two days. You may get dents from styling your hair with keratin. You can start using soft hair ties once your hair has dried for three days. Do not tie your hair longer than necessary.

You should use a silk pillowcase or pillowcase if you are looking for long-lasting treatment.

Avoid strong detergents like sodium lauryl, sodium Laureth, and sodium sulfate. These detergents strip the hair of natural oil keratin and oils. Thus, your treatment may wear out earlier than expected.

To keep your hair straight after applying keratin, the best tools are flat irons or blow dryers. You won’t need any hair styling product, such as mousse, hair sprays, gels, root-lifting, or other hair products, because the keratin is heavy enough to hold your hair in place.

The keratin treatment will begin to wear off after three to six months.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Keratin-Hair Treatments?

  • For people who do not normally style their hair straight, the treatment with keratin is a time-saver. The treatment can be used to reduce blow-drying time by up to 40%-60%
  • People with frizzy hair will be able to say goodbye to roughness and frizz. Even in humid conditions, hair will remain straight, smooth, and free from frizz.
  • Keratin is a protective coating that coats your hair strands.
  • Keratin strengthens strands and helps them rebound.
  • The treatment is easy to use and can be used for three to six weeks depending on what you choose.

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